Takahisa INOUE

"Perception of Everyday Life"

Pages: 156 / photos: 137
Size: 250x313x22mm / hardcover
Price: 4,800JPY
Release Date: March 2014


Through the five senses we have, we become aware of three-dimensional objects that lie before us.
Through the senses, each of us respectively perceives the world that surrounds us. All the things forming this world exist through our perception.
Width, height, depth, distance, velocity, heat, solidity . . . does the physical quantity we perceive stay really constant?
Today we face this question more urgently than ever before.
Virtual reality brings the human brain’s nature to light.
Society makes all the everyday things connected more and more intricately, and makes the ordinariness we have taken for granted lose its footing, leading our world into chaos.
The photographs presented here show our everyday life, but do they represent a real world?


Takahisa Inoue



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