"Another Time On The Ryukyu Islands"

Pages: 104 / photos: 97
Size: 232x206x14mm / hardcover
Price: 2,625JPY
Release Date: October 2008



Tsuneo Yamashita was born in Tokyo in 1961, and has been exhibiting his photography since 1997. This book is his second book of photography.

Yamashita has been visiting the Ryukyu Islands (commonly referred to in the West as the Okinawan islands) since his days as a photography student at Nihon University (Tokyo), and this book collects work done over a 25-year period from 1983 to 2008. Writes Yamashita in the afterword (roughly translated here):

"Different from the color work I have exhibited up to now, these black and white photographs have some kind of unseen force guiding them. With this work I didn't have the intention to introduce Okinawa, or to explain about my trips there. Rather the nature of this work is more akin to prints I made for myself, with no particular feeling about them, prints I would make after retuning from short trips to Okinawa and then put away in a box."

(Quotation from japan exposures )


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