"On the Street Corner"

Pages: 108 / photos: 82
Size: 225x200x12mm / softcover
Price: 3,360JPY
Release Date: February 2010


The Fragments of Regional Cities

The photographs in this book are the documents and memories of cities.
They include enigmatic landscapes I captured on street corners, forgotten landscapes, featureless scenes, and commonly found (and thus unnoticed) scenes. I realized recently that I have been photographing familiar street corners for almost ten years. The number of cities I have visited to take photos of amounts to forty five. Among the scenes I have photographed are many buildings that have already been demolished, as well as those that will probably be pulled down in the near future. Those buildings can thus be described as the afterglow of the era called “Showa.”


The main characters in my photos are strictly the cityscapes; thus, the people who appear in them are supplementary.  We live in a disquieting age, but one can also say that such an age has been created by human beings. What is actually “disquieting” might be the hearts of people. My idea is to indirectly express the ways human beings exist and their living environments via capturing cities and phenomena, rather than taking a direct means of facing and photographing human beings themselves. 
That is, with a slight sense of satire.

(Excerpts from the author's postscript)


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