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I had been traveling around the world, when I am able to found time from my work.
As a student I was a member of an ‘Art Club’. Using the sensitivity, I will
produce photographs as watercolor painting tone. These days, the quality of the
images produced on modern cameras allows just about anyone to produce good
quality images. Therefore, I believe a way to differentiate between other
photographers is how the colors are manipulated after the original image is

I travel around the world to take pictures. Therefore, I spent a long time to take
images as well as retouching the images. After taking pictures, (I would say
“after finish drawing”) I retouch the images as if adding various watercolor
shades using a brush on a canvas. This has the effect of creating the illusion
of a 3D image which allows the animals to seemingly jump out of the picture and
this illusion probably makes you feel staying in the scene.

I would say that about 60% of my work is involved in taking the images, but the
remaining 40% expands my imagination. Photographers who take photos in foreign
countries seem to use dark tones, but my images tend to be light and bright as
watercolor painting tone.

(Excerpts from the author's afterword)


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