Akihiro NAGAWA Photobook


Akihiro NAGAWA

"Particles in time and space"

Pages: 76 / photos : 36
Size: 240×310×17mm/hardcover
Price: 4,860JPY
Release Date: October2014



This work is about scenery containing both water and sky, and capturing what is moving away from the landscape.

The scene before pressing the shutter coexists with the actual scene that I am seeing and the scene that I am not seeing.
The water changes shape constantly, the sky changes at every moment.
In the world, both visible and invisible things exist.
I repetitively press the shutter, capturing a succession of time and space intervals.

I started to photograph this series on December 1, 2013; two days after the anniversary of my father’s death. When I was 15 years old, my father passed away in an accident while working as a public official at the Kawasaki water department.
I have an eight year old daughter now. Since she was born I am often reminded of my childhood. As a child, my father used to take me to the grave of his brother who had died in the war at just 18 years old. I remember building a plastic model of a torpedo-equipped destroyer with my father; the same kind my uncle was posted on. My daughter and I started to memorize “Ogura Hyakunin Isshu”. This started when she was five and continued until she was seven. Seven months after we finished memorizing the poems l visited my father’s cemetery and suddenly decided to see Tamagawa River where we used to go together. He used to say “The water in Kawasaki is good.” I look at the sky now, thinking of him, and see the same blue sky extending before me as then.


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