Hiroshi AOKI


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When we see a photograph, we sometimes cannot believe that what we see in the picture is a reality of the world we live in.  The subject that was photographed is or was a real person or scene for sure.  What each of us viewers recalls when looking at the photograph is his or her own world.  With some viewers the photograph resonates well. It resonates with their own world, thus close to their reality.  But with others it doesn’t resonate.  It’s away from their reality.  Thus the images look unrealistic as well as realistic.  However, the world where the photograph was taken is real the real world with its own colors, sounds, smells and temperature that stimulates our own skin.  And it is in this real world that people live their everyday life, where a new life is born and many lives are gone while they are still young.  That is the real world filled with people’s emotions, unbearably complicated beyond our imagination.  I want to convey these infinite layers of reality by showing the photographs I took, beyond the photograph’s frame.

But I don’t want to demand too much of the viewers.  I just want the viewers to learn that such a place as the one they see in the photograph does exist in our world.  The viewers may want to know more and learn more about the place.  Urged to do something, some might even make a donation.  I just want the viewers to think they will try to be nice to their friends and family, just nice to someone close.  I just want them to reflect how they were yesterday and to think they will do their best tomorrow. 

Though indirect, if the photograph works this way, I believe it can help the people in agony on the globe, making their life a little better and happier. 
Then the photograph begins to speak something true in its own voice, I think.


(Excerpts from the author's postscript)


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