"Archives of Mine"

Pages: 67 / photos: 72
Size: 200x225x12mm / hardcover
Price: 2,500JPY
Release Date: October 2012


When we record the things and happenings we see or have them retained in our
memories, we are apt to think that we are turning the present phenomena into
the past ones.  But in reality, the phenomena do not end there.  The phenomena begin to be ready for their regeneration.

Taking photographs is just like that.

The photographs in this collection are those I took in India(2002), Taketomi Island and Ishigaki Island(2008), Beijing(2009), Taipei(2011 and 2012), and Busan(2012).  Though these places are all in Asia, they each have a unique ethnic and cultural background as if they have nothing in common.

However, those places are related to each other within me by the fact that I saw them all in person.

Photography has the power to shake our soul and bring our old memories to life. 
If that is the regeneration of memories, I regenerate my memories by engaging myself in photography.

It is not reemergence, but regeneration.
It is not to reenact, but to live again.
It is to live anew.


(Excerpts from the author's postscript)


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