Photo exhibition by Mitsuru KANO   

 Personal Signals

Duration: Friday , 31st May - Saturday , 29th June 2024

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A utility pole with all its wires cut and no longer conducting current. By continuing to look at what was unmistakably a utility pole, I began to see it as an antenna trying to emit something.

"Taking a picture" usually begins with a visual stimulus, from which the desire to take a picture arises, leading to the act of taking a picture.

However, it is well known that because of the fate of being dependent on the camera, even if the photographer has little intention or desire to take a picture, it can be taken by chance, and the image may be recorded before the photographer's thoughts are fully formed. Therefore, what was unrecognizable at the time of shooting may later have a greater presence or come to have a different meaning.

Whether photographed or shown, the essence of photography is that it exists only on the surface, and there is no depth to it. However, if I say that, on rare occasions, I feel a quiet assertion from the photograph, a kind of awareness that grows as I continue to look at it, I can see a little of the relationship between the photograph and myself.

This time, I have compiled a list of photographs that have communicated something to me as "personal signals".

Mitsuru KANO

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