Yoshiyuki Oki

Saturday 4 - Saturday 25 November, 2017



Copyright (c) Yoshiyuki Oki All Rights Reserved

The red glow of Mars shining in the night sky.
The sound of a waterfall echoing in the mountains.
The smell of a rainy day.
The blur of a moth flying in the dark.
These images, colors, sounds etc that we feel on a daily basis can be summarized in words, however this can never accurately describe the true, individual essence.
Something that is perceived by a person but cannot be summarized by common words is known as “Qualia”.
The moment my work is perceived by someone else it is no longer contained by my own experience of it. The boundaries of my own definition of the work disappear.
I will continue to observe and absorb everything around me.
I hope my images will spread like ripples, and as they reach viewers they
will be freely interpreted by the memories and emotions of each individual.

Yoshiyuki Oki

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