Friday 10 March - Saturday 1 April 2017


platinum prints on Ganpi paper


Copyright (c) Gondaira taichis All Rights Reserved

For the subjects of my works, I select Japanese women in Kimono. That is because I love Japan, and because I want to preserve traditional culture and fascinating figure of Japanese women in kimono. Throughout 5-10 years of shooting many women, I have found that I was looking for a specific quality. The subject that I am mean to shoot is not Japanese women, but invisible feelings that cannot be captured in our daily life. I visualize those feelings that are put away in women's hearts, and shoot them as proof of each one of women's important lives. I print these "feelings"with platinum print to Ganpi paper in order to preserve them eternally. There, the "feelings" become pieces of art.
Devotion of the title of this book “RINRINTO” is in honor of the dignity of women and their courage.

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