Friday 10 March - Saturday 1 April 2017


platinum prints on Ganpi paper


Copyright (c) Gondaira taichis All Rights Reserved

For the subjects of my works, I select Japanese women in Kimono. That is because I love Japan, and because I want to preserve traditional culture and fascinating figure of Japanese women in kimono. Throughout 5-10 years of shooting many women, I have found that I was looking for a specific quality. The subject that I am mean to shoot is not Japanese women, but invisible feelings that cannot be captured in our daily life. I visualize those feelings that are put away in women's hearts, and shoot them as proof of each one of women's important lives. I print these "feelings"with platinum print to Ganpi paper in order to preserve them eternally. There, the "feelings" become pieces of art.
Devotion of the title of this book gRINRINTOh is in honor of the dignity of women and their courage.

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