Mitsuru KANO

Friday 1 July - Saturday 30 July 2016

Gelatin Silver Print

Copyright (c) Mitsuru Kano All Rights Reserved

Having walked all day long, my conscience is about to slowly fade out due to hunger and fatigue.
Even in a moment and condition as such, once the shutter is released,
the world that surrounds myself is documented just as it is.

Some photographers may consider that photos taken when onefs ego is faint are worthless.
However in a way, I think it is one of the truths when one doesnft have room to think of
pursuing ethe perfect photof, the real essence of onefs self that has been subtly actualized
through accumulation of time is to finally appear in that very moment.

I have always been thinking about photography.
However, to tell you the truth, my desire is to know how photography and I are connected
when all my expectation and intention are scraped off.

Mitsuru Kano

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