Liu Chen-Hsiang
The social scene in Taiwan

Friday 6 May - Saturday 28 May 2016

Copyright (c) Liu Chen-Hsiang All Rights Reserved

In 1986, in order to welcome a group of blacklisted dissidents coming home from overseas,
people who pursued for democracy gathered together and being ‘baptized’ by riot police’s shield, chevaux-de-frise and tear gas. People were singing ‘My Hometown in the Twilight’ on street.
The salty smell mixed with sweat and blood at site seems to remain in the air till now.
That was the largest mass movement in Taiwan which had been under martial law for 38 years since 1949 until lifting it in 1987.
I target my shots on the children diving at Kaohsiung Harbor, old farmer driving oxcart in Chiayi,
monks carrying Buddha statue in temple fair in Taipei, drunk man worshipped on bended knees to street,
stage actress holding a baby at outdoor performance backstage, and the dancers in theatre.
Between these switching contexts, I documented the wild and unruly 80s as well as the
social scenes of people’s pursuit of liberty and human rights after lifting of martial law in Taiwan.

Liu Chen-Hsiang

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