Yoshiyuki OKI
On the frog and his life

Friday 2 October - Saturday 31 October 2015

Yoshiyuki Oki's closing reception

   Gallery Tosei
   Friday 30 October, 7pm
   Admission free

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On the frog and his life

When a child, I found a small dried-up frog about the size of a fingertip and took it home.
Carefully I put it away in a box together with other useless things.
A dozen or so years later I came across the box.
The frog had turned into nothing but bones.
I found the transformation beautiful.
My eyes are turned to small things or ordinary scenes,
the things easily overlooked.
With a camera, we can photograph only the surface of things.
But once I have them as photographs,
the sensation that I had when I saw the small things begins to turn into something substantial,
which always gives me surprise and joy.
I am collecting the photographs.

Yoshiyuki Oki

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