Mitsuru KANO

"Layers of the Past"

Saturday ,June. 5, 2015 - Saturday, June. 27, 2015

Gelatin silver prints with Mitsuru Kano's signature and edition notations

Copyright (c) Mitsuru Kano All Rights Reserved


When I am walking at the town in anywhere countries or places, there have nothing special but sometimes there are attracted me.
It seems that air is dark and gathering majestic field. Therefore, I am not able to release the line of sight. Only the place is mystery place.
I image that some people are waiting people who will not come and fighting each other.
On the other hand, talking about love and confiding worries.
Those places have people’s life. Therefore jumping through the passage of the time and I want to take people’s spectrum and trademarks of the emotional on my photography.

Mitsuru Kano

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