Taichi Gondaira

"Voice of casket"

Friday March 6, 2015 - Saturday March 28, 2015

Platinum vanadium prints on a Japanese paper, with Taichi Gondaira's signature


Copyright (c) taichi GONDAIRA All Rights Reserved

An encounter can change a person’s life.
An Austrian writer Zweig unexpectedly encountered to the “Jean Christophe” of Romain Rolland.
He was drawn into the novel…Later he and Rolland became best friends of their lives.
For artists, there are some moments that they capture an inspiration and create beauty.
In the same way, for history, there are decisive moments.
Zweig called it “the time of stars of humanity”: the moment that shoots sharp light like the blink of stars, and that the history moves.
He also said, ”every crisis is a gift of fate for a creator”.
A great fateful moment, it pushes back those who flinch and reach out for those who are daring.



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