Chang Chao-Tang

" Images of Youth(1959-1961) "

Friday,Apr.4, 2014 - Saturday, Apr 26, 2014

Gelatin silver prints with Chang Chao-Tang 's signature and edition notations






Chang Chao-Tang   Chronology

1943    Born November 17 in Panchiao City, Taipei County, Taiwan

1957    As a student at Junior High School, he borrows an Aires  Automat camera 120 from his     brother, and develops an interest in photography.

1958    When studying at Senior High School, he joins the school photography club under the guidance of Chen Shang-Hsi, starts photographing in a wide variety of settings.

1961    Studies in the National Taiwan University Department of Civil Engineering. Instead of attending to his studies, he devotes himself to literature and art, becomes infatuated with surrealism and modernism, both Asian and Western. Begins to engage in conceptual and modernist photography.

1965    Takes part in the joint exhibition “ 2 Men Contemporary Photography,” with his mentor Cheng Shang-Hsi. His forms and content are innovative and original, inciting controversy and attention.

1968    Works as a photojournalist for the China Television (CTV) news department in Taipei; joins the production team of News Digest , creating a new style of news feature combining local Taiwanese settings, folk customs and Western music.

1974    Holds the photo exhibition “The FarTewell,”

1980    Wins Golden Bell Award for TV cinematographer and editor of the year for “The Boat-Burning Festival,”; and Golden Horse Award for best documentary cinematographer for “An Old House Chinese Traditional Architecture.”

1983    Solo exhibition “Human Grace and Forgiveness,” Taipei and San Francisco

1986    Solo exhibition “Trip Reverse,” Taipei and Tokyo

1991   “Seeing-Perspectives of Nine Photographers,” Taipei

1993   “20 Years of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre,” Taipei

         “50 Years of Tamsui River Views,” Taipei and Paris

1994     Contemporary Photography from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan,” Hong Kong

1996     Solo exhibition “Summer of 1962,” Taipei

          “Asian View: Asia in Transition,” Tokyo

1997   “Image of Hakka,” Taipei

          “Women in Taipei 1940s-1990s,” Taipei

          Starts teaching at the Graduate Institute of Studies in Documentary and Film Archiving at  Tainan National University of the Arts.

1999    Receives the Third National Award for Arts of Taiwan in the category of fine art.

         "Working Hard in Taipei,” Taipei

         "Global Conceptualalism : Point of Origin, 1950s-1980s “, New York

2000    "The Homeland: After the 921 Earthquake,” Taipei

2002    "V-10 / 30 Years After,” Taipei

2006    "Retrospective:  Taiwan Photography,” Beijing and Shanghai

          "A Legend of Rose Marie Gallery 1953-1973,” Taipei

2007    "Guangzhou Photo Biennial,” Guangdong and Shanghai

2008    "The Hidden 4: Daegu Photo Biennale,” Korea

2009      Solo exhibition “Within, Without,”Epson Art Gallery, Taipei

           Solo exhibition “Years In, Years Out,” Place Gallery, Tokyo

           Solo exhibition “Chang Chao Tang:A Black-and-White Flight in Kairos,” Gallery Now, Seoul

2010     Solo exhibition “Moments in Time 1959-2005,” National Central University, Chungli City; Providence University, Taichung; National Cheng Kung University, Tainan;The Pier-2 Art Center, Kaohsiung; Pine-garden Gallery, Hualien; Luo Dong Library, Yilan; National Chengchi University, Taipei

           Solo exhibition “The Invisible Contact 1959-1961,”Tivac Gallery, Taipei

           Solo exhibition “Images - Journey beyond,”Leica Gallery, Taipei

2011      Receives the 30th National Cultural Award, ROC.

           Solo exhibition “Outside the Lens,”  Gity Mayer Salon , Taipei 

           Solo exhibition“Sightlines,” Instituto Cultural de Mexico, San Antonio, Texas

           Solo exhibition “Introspectives: Photographs of Taiwan 1960-2005,”City of San Antonio International Center, Texas.

2012     Solo exhibition “Introspectives: Photographs of Taiwan 1960-2005,” Taiwan Academy in N.Y.

2013     Solo exhibition “Time: The Images of Chang Chao-Tang, 1959-2013,”  Taipei Fine Art Museum



Books Editor


1977  Books of Days  (1977 / 78 /79 / 80)

1988  In search of Photorealism Photography 40s-60s(1)(2)

1989  Aspect & Vision Taiwan Photographers (1)  Six Volumes

1991  Seeing Perspectives of Nine Taiwaness Photographers,

1993  View on the Tamsui River in 50 Years

        Image of Cloud Gate Dance Group in 20 Years

1996  Aspect & Vision Taiwan Photographers (2)  Seven Volumes

1997  Women in Taipei 1940s-1990s 

Image of Hakka

1998  Taipei Pass away, Taipei

1999  Warking Hard in Taipei, Taipei

2000  Faces of Taiwan Liu Chen-Hsiang

        The Homeland After the 921 Earthquake, Taipei.

2001  Dancing in the Wind, Shinchu

2002  Nostalgia & Memory Dan Nankwan

2006  Life in a Dog’s Eyes Ye Chienfan

2007  Voice Inside Tseng Miin-Shyong

2008  Chang Chaotang ( Korean Edition)

       Homeland Li Nan

2010  Moments in Time 1959-2005

       The Invisible Contact 1959-1961           

2011  Ten Eyes on Stage

2012  Stage: Shen Chao-Liang

          To gaze and to look beyond Eyes of Formosa

          Taiwan Facebook A Mindful Living

2013  Time : The Images of Chang Chao - Tang ,1959-2113


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